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The Oregon Equine Foundation (OEF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Technically, OEF is a DBA of Oregon Horse Country Foundation. We changed our name to Oregon Equine Foundation because many people confused us with Oregon Horse Country member organization (they are like an equine business chamber of commerce). We are not affiliated with that group, but we support each other's mission. OEF is strictly a non-profit that raises money for grants to give to other in-need non-profits. 


OEF supports “heroes” of the equine world. Heroes who work to rescue abandoned horses, introduce riding to under-privileged children, offer riding therapy to veterans, create feed-banks, and make so many other vital and valuable contributions to our community.  When funds are available, we also support students and professionals seeking to advance their equine industry education and skills through scholarships to accredited institutions.


The Foundation achieves this through fundraising programs, sponsorships and donor support. Donations are tax deductible (as allowed by law) and support OEF’s scholarships and grants programs, research, and operations. 

Does your employer match charitable donations? Ask your employer for details.



How OEF Works


OEF fundraises, receives donations, and has income though sponsorship programs. These are held in account to be used for project grants, emergency fund grants, scholarships and to cover the organization's overhead. Our overhead is low, as we do not have paid staff and do not have office space. We operate as volunteers. 


When funds are available for grants, we solicit applications or consider previously received applications that still have an expressed need. Grants are given only to verified equine 501(c)(3) non-profits. Grant availability is announced by: 1) Facebook announcements, 2) website announcements, 3) email notifications to our list of 50+ Oregon equine non-profits, and 4) word-of-mouth. We are continually adding to our email list. 


The Board and/or the Fundraising Committee reviews, assesses, and votes on grant applications. Applications are carefully screened and recipients must meet specific list of criteria.  All grants must be project based and verifiable.  That means that grants are not to be used for a non-profit's general operating costs. Grants are to be used for projects - - efforts that have a specific start, end, and support and/or enhance the non-profit's ability to provide their services. By giving grants only for projects, OEF is able to verify the funds were used as intended.


All donations are added to the grant funds, held at a local bank. Donors are welcome to "suggest" a benefiting non-profit, but may not specify how the donation is specifically used/applied. Our application screening process ensures that OEF does due diligence in determining grant recipients. Our donors count on our efforts to ensure deserving non-profits benefit from our grants. 


To summarize:


OEF does the fundraising so equine non-profits can focus on their important work.


Our donors expect us to complete thorough, fair and consistent grant application screenings.


Grant recipients must submit proposed project before/after photos, reports, receipts and proof of IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status.


OEF selects recipients, monitors project progress, and shares results with the community.



Oregon Equine Foundation Mission 


Oregon Equine Foundation will support charitable organizations

and education of interest to or for the benefit of Oregon's horse-loving community.

As a charitable non-profit, the Oregon Equine Foundation

will achieve this by fund-raising programs and donor support.

Oregon Equine Foundation

You are the hero when
you help your neighbors
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