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oregon equine horse non-profit found
oregon equine horse non-profit found
oregon equine horse non-profit found

Welcome and Thank You for visiting the Oregon Equine Foundation. We are here to serve you - the Oregon horse community. We're not oceans away. Not even across the country. The Foundation is in your home town and is focused on what makes your life full and rich. We are a community of people who love horses, whether it is caring for them, riding them, competing in the Olympics with them, breeding them or just admiring their greatness.


The Foundation shares your passion for horses and works to promote achievements, professions and charitable giving that will enrich your life and save the lives of people and horses at risk. Please learn more about our grant programs and consider supporting The Foundation with a donation. You have neighbors that need your help.


If you would like to know more about "How OEF Works" and how grants are given, please visit our About Us page.


The Foundation Serves Your Community! 

The Hopeful
The Aspiring
The Abandoned
The Heroes
The Community

Oregon Equine Foundation

Dedicated to Oregonians who Share the Passion

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